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Gas Tax

What is the Gas Tax Fund?

Gas Tax funding helps communities build and revitalize their public infrastructure. The fund supports national objectives of productivity, economic growth, clean environment and strong cities and communities.

Provinces and territories receive funding up front twice a year. In Yukon, eligible recipients include municipalities and First Nations. Recipients can pool, bank and borrow against this funding, providing significant financial flexibility. Yukon will recieve $163 million in Gas Tax funds by 2024.

Funding covers capital costs only.

Learn about annual allocations from 2014 onward.

What's new?

On August 10, Yukon received the first of two $8.25 million annual installments of the federal Gas Tax Fund from Canada. In total, Yukon will receive $16.5 million this year through the fund. Learn more.

On January 29, 2018 the Gas Tax oversight committee approved Yukon's report on performance measurement indicators. This report helps recipients complete final project reports (schedule D). This information is also used in the outcomes report due to Canada on March 31, 2018 and again in March 2023.

Find Gas Tax forms

Project proposal

A project proposal is the first step to accessing your Gas Tax funds. Please ensure your project fits one of the 18 eligible project categories and the eligible expenditures as outlined in the Gas Tax Administrative Agreement.

Progress claim forms

New Gas Tax progress claim forms (effective June 1, 2018)

These forms must be used with transfer payment agreements issued after June 1, 2018. You should continue to use old progress claim forms for any transfer payment agreements issued prior to this date.

Learn about signage requirements

Recipients who use Gas Tax funding are required to install a temporary sign to spotlight federal contributions at project sites.

Learn about reporting requirements

Read about the Gas Tax process so you know what happens after you submit your proposal.

Gas Tax Final Report

Learn which projects are eligible for funding

Gas tax funding is available for projects that fall under certain categories.

Read the Gas Tax agreement

Annual expenditure reports

Community Affairs prepares an annual expenditure report and audit report containing information for all funding programs administered under the federal Gas Tax fund. These reports are delivered to the Government of Canada by September 30 each year to meet our reporting requirements.

Outcomes report

This report provides information on the outcomes achieved by Gas Tax projects.

Other resources and information

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To find out more about gas tax projects in your community contact your First Nation, municipal office or local advisory council. 

For all other inquiries please contact Patrick Sageaktook.