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Infrastructure Funds

Yukon Government Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Development Branch provides services in infrastructure development, flood, erosion and drainage control and administration of infrastructure funds.

This includes the design and construction of infrastructure projects in Yukon and usually involves working with local governments.

We coordinate with the Government of Canada on infrastructure funds. We also work with the Operations and Community Affairs branches to track and plan the delivery of community infrastructure and services.

Infrastructure Funds – SCF, CWWF and BCF

The Infrastructure Development Branch delivers Canada-Yukon Infrastructure Funds for various eligible project categories. The two current funds are the Small Communities Fund (SCF) [Link to SCF Summary attached]. It will deliver up to $342 million in infrastructure investment in by 2023/24.

The Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) [Link to CWWF summary attached], will provide up to $68.5 million in water and wastewater over the next two years. The CWWF funds water and wastewater upgrades. In Yukon, to date, the Small Communities Fund is focusing on water, wastewater, roads, highways and bridges.

Partnered with Canada, First Nations and municipalities, Yukon has completed delivery of the Building Canada Fund [Link to existing Old BCF link on page]. From 2007-2017, the BCF provided $265 million for various infrastructure projects in Yukon.

Investing in Canada Plan (ICIP)
In its 2017 federal budget, Canada announced the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan (ICIP). The ICIP will deliver funds from 2018-29.
Canada plans to negotiate with Yukon for long-term infrastructure investing. It also plans to sign bilateral agreements with all provinces and territories by March 31, 2018. Infrastructure Canada’s website [] includes the most recent updates from Canada.
The ICIP will include four main streams of funding. They will be delivered through a bilateral agreement with Yukon. As with current Building Canada Fund funds, Canada will fund up to 75% of eligible costs):
• Public Transit: $9,944,170
• Green Infrastructure: $207,065,850 – this will include water/wastewater, climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation, mitigation and resilience.
• Community, Culture and Recreation: $26,019,416 – this will include investments in cultural, recreational and community infrastructure
• Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure: $152,587,865 – this will include improved food security, more reliable road, air and marine infrastructure, improved broadband connectivity, and more efficient and reliable energy
Canada is creating a $50 million Arctic Energy Fund to focus on increasing renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on diesel. This fund will have a separate application process.